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Below you will find the details of your project outlined. Be sure to view this proposal on both a desktop or laptop and a mobile device to see how the site adjusts itself on various platforms. Please watch the introductory video first.

Website Setup $1500

This is the setup process of initiating your site. Installing WordPress and all necessary plugins; ie: salient, wordfence, limit login attempts, gravity forms, etc. Getting the site functional by implementing proper navigation, maps API, google analytics, customized header and footer, page transitions, navigation features, etc. Branding the site by implementing a comprehensive branding pallet, color scheme, site icon, favicon, social linkage, etc. Along with many other elements too intricate and extensive to list.

This project will be done in 60 days or less.

Nuts & Bolts

  • WordPress
  • SEO Optimized
  • Optimize Images & Videos
  • Sitemap Creation
  • Favicon & Site Icon
  • Maps API
  • XML Site Submission
  • Meta Descriptions Optimized


  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Wordfence
  • Gravity Forms Pro

Website Pages $3000

Pages are priced at, on average, $300 per page. Because of the screen size cross-compatibility of modern sites, it’s challenging to explain price per page. But the way we explain a page is any amount of visual content and text that can fit on a typical computer screen (1920 x 1080) with one screen-sized scroll up (meaning whatever can fit on 2 screen sized spaces of digital real estate). As far as I can tell, you would need 10 pages.

  • 1x Home (compilation of site pages, about, bios, clients, location)
  • 7x Gallery (showcasing 6 key projects, including exterior and interior breakdowns)
  • 1x Careers (employment form)
  • 1x Location/Contact

Project Pages

Project pages would or could include: drone video, high res photos, project specs, etc.

Drone Video & Still Photography $2500

I propose coming to Phoenix and shooting 6 projects in one day. I could come to Phoenix and shoot multiple (single panoramic videos) of each project with the drone to create a flyover compilation of the projects. While at each location, I can capture high res stills of each property, inside and out. I will not hold your video or photos hostage, you will own everything I shoot for you. The video compilation can be used as the header video for your site, project page, or the project portfolio pages themselves. The stills will be used throughout the site and, of course, on their corresponding project pages. All images will be high-resolution full-screen images as well as high res video with the drone. 4k is an option, not necessary, but it is an option. The price includes travel, as I can capture all of this in one day. As you will see below in a la carte, this would normally be about $4,500. However, as a combined effort, I can offer the rate above.

Sample Videos

Generic mockup of interactive bullet point rendering.

In addition to the interactive image, we could move it to the left and add a toggle panel to the right in numerical order explaining with pictures and more detailed information as you can see below. Hover over the bullets on the image to the left and click the corresponding toggles to the right to see the more detailed information. Just an idea ;)

Carson Street

Entry access from the West side.

Spencer Street

Entry access from the North side.

East Parking

Room for eight vehicles.

South Parking

Room for sixteen vehicles.

Office Space

Room for 8 desks.

Conference Room

Room for a conference table to seat 16.


Complete with sink and refrigerator.

Bullet 1

Carson Street access, more information here.

Bullet 2

Spencer Street access. More information here.

Bullet 3

East side parking. 2 handicap and the rest pedestrian.

Bullet 4

South side parking. 2 handicap and the rest pedestrian.

Bullet 5

Office space with room for 8 desks and partitions.

Spencer Street access. More information here.

Sample Websites

Click an image to view the live site.

Sample Bios

à la carte

For future reference or to add elements to the current project, here is a list of individual pricing features.

Project Pages




/per location
Drone Videography


/per location
Web Pages


Website Maintenance


/per quarter
Graphic Design


/per hour

Let’s do this!

The total investment for your project, as it stands, is $7,000. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss this project further before we commit to a date. If you wish to revise, please email me with the alterations at and/or call me anytime at 702.468.3545. I have created an invoice in advance to expedite action if this projection is accurate and you are in agreement with it. If you are prepared to move forward, we would need a 50% deposit to get this project underway. When you click on View Invoice, the payment box will reflect the total amount of the project, click pay by credit card, and simply change the amount in the box to $3,500 and click pay. The balance of $3,500 will be due within 60 days or upon a sooner completion and, of course, your complete satisfaction.

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Total Investment $7,000

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