Hello Petra,

Well, since our last connection, I have found myself inundated with moving into an RV full time, going to Florida to visit my dad in the late stages of Altzheimers, and being completely consumed with a few massive projects. We are now settled into the RV, currently living in the mountains just outside of Vegas. I am back from Florida and my projects have all been handled and completed. I just closed a contract today with Peter and Anne Selby and am looking forward to getting them freshly branded and highly functional. I currently have room for your project if you wish to get started. If I take your project on in the next 48 hours, I will not be accepting any further projects until yours and the Selby’s are complete. Please review my revisions and let me know if this is more appropriate for your budget. Thank you for your patience, let’s knock this out :)

Website Setup / Framework & Branding $1,500

This is the setup process of initiating your site. Setting up your hosting account, FTP, SSL certificate, and site security.

(you will need to purchase the Personal Plan from Flywheel for site hosting)

Installation of WordPress and all necessary plugins; ie: salient, wordfence, limit login attempts, gravity forms, woocommerce, etc. Getting the site functional by implementing proper navigation, maps API, google analytics, customize header and footer, page transitions, navigation features, etc. Branding the site by implementing a comprehensive branding pallet, color scheme, site icon, favicon, social linkage, etc. Along with many other elements too intricate and extensive to list.

This project can be done in 60 days or less.

Nuts & Bolts

  • WordPress
  • SEO Optimized
  • Optimize Images & Videos
  • Sitemap Creation
  • WooCommerce Implementation
  • Favicon & Site Icon
  • Maps API
  • XML Site Submission
  • Meta Descriptions Optimized


  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Wordfence
  • Gravity Forms Pro
  • WooCommerce
  • Eventbrite
  • Subscription Bar / Mailchimp
  • and more

Use calendly for all booking
Use eventbrite for all events

Main Site / 8 Pages $1,600

Due to the scope of your project, pages are wholesaled at $200 per page. Because of the screen size cross-compatibility of modern sites, it’s challenging to explain price per page. But the way we explain a page is any amount of visual content and text that can fit on a typical computer screen (1920 x 1080) with three screen-sized up-scrolls (meaning whatever can fit on 4 screen-sized spaces of digital real estate). This is flexible, just giving you an idea of a typical page.

Necessary Pages:

  • Home / Overview (encapsulating the content of the site)
  • Meet Petra / Video introduction
  • Coaching / (about, why, services) Consolidated
  • Bio-Feedback / Consolidated
  • Emotional Processing
  • Hooponopono
  • Reiki / Consolidated
  • Contact
  • Events / Podcast / Videos / Essential Oils / Nav link, no charge

Store and Blog are separate categories

Blog / 4 Entries and 1 Main Hub Page $1,000

(1 main hub page / 4 entries)

We can drop this down to 5 pages in total. I’ll set the blog up with 4 entries, the main hub page, and you can duplicate at will. I will give you a tutorial as to how to go about this.

Here is an example of how your blog would be displayed

Store / 16 elements $2,800

(1 main hub page / 2 subpages books + products  / 13 products to enter)

E-commerce set up $1500

Product additions $100 each = $1300

(Additional Charges – in order to process credit cards directly through your site you will need either a PayPal business account or an account)

Here is an example of how your products will be displayed Sample Store


  1. The Billionaire Soulmates Book / buy now
  2. The Billionaire Continuum Book / buy now
  3. Petras Ashes book  / buy now
  4. The Big Secret Book / buy now
  5. LifeSPARKS Book / buy now

Products –

  1. Royal Clay Powder / buy now
  2. Royal Clay Capsules
  3. Somaderm HGH
  4. Smart Coffee & XantholMax
  5. Extreme Energy Patch
  6. Smart Coffee
  7. Somaderm HGH Homeopathic Gel
  8. Columbia Vibration Technology

Please see below for further details on the project and how to get started.

à la carte

For future reference or to add elements to the current project, here is a list of individual pricing features.

Web Pages




/per hour


/per hour
Post Production


/per hour
Website Maintenance


/per quarter
Graphic Design


/per hour

Let’s do this!

The total investment for your project, as it stands, is $6,900. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss this project further before we commit to initiation. If you wish to revise, please email me with the alterations at and/or call me anytime at 702.468.3545. I have created an invoice in advance to expedite action if this projection is accurate and you are in agreement with it. If you are prepared to move forward, I would need a 50% deposit to get this project underway. When you click on View Invoice, the payment box will reflect the total amount of the project, click pay by credit card, and simply change the amount in the box to $3,450 and click pay. The balance of $3,450 will be due within 60 days along with, of course, your complete satisfaction.


(this is a massive consolidation of data. if you do not include the store in your project, web and blog pages will go from $200 each to $300 each. the current scope of your project allows for wholesale rates of $200 each on pages, I’m sure you understand)

Send a revision.

Email Shane

Total Investment $6,900

View Invoice

Take action today and look like a million bucks in…

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Ken Flippin Jr.

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Brina Marcus

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Andrei Mignea

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